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The Run Live and Automatic Uploading!

Wed Oct 26 2022, a year ago

I launched a huge update today, which includes Automatic Uploading and a The Run Live. All this is is powered by a custom built LiveSplit Component. The component will track your live runs and display them in real time, along with your stream, on the Live Page. Furthermore, it will upload your splits after every reset. You never have to manually upload your runs again!


Twitch extension!

Tue Aug 02 2022, 2 years ago

Today, I released a Twitch Extension that allows your viewers to see your stats right on your Twitch page! It shows a bunch of data about your runs, about your global stats and about your recent sessions. It is a great way for your viewers to engage even more to your stream!


Welcome to The Run!

Fri Jul 01 2022, 2 years ago

About 2 weeks ago, I launched the first version of The Run, a new speedrun statistics tool. I posted about it on Reddit, and got a bunch of great comments, feedback and bug reports. In this blog post, I will introduce myself, tell you about the launch and about the future.