Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people may or may not have asked!


I am already thrilled to see so many people using the tool, either by uploading runs or checking out stats. If you want to help in other ways, following The Run on Twitter, joining the Discord or, if you want to take it a step further, tell your favorite streamer about the project and ask them to upload their splits!

About money: I built the architecture in a way that is very cheap, and only costs me a bunch of time right now, so I don't ask for any money. If the project takes off and becomes more expensive to keep running, I might consider doing a Patreon or something. Don't worry, I'll never put anything on the site behind a paywall!

Even though I like, I felt like there are some features that are either missing, or behind a paywall. I figured I would fill the gap in accessibility to these features myself.


This site is still in beta, so there are a lot of feature that are still missing or implemented sub-optimally. You can check out the Roadmap to see if the feature you want is already on there. If not, don't hesitate to contact me and request the feature!

To keep things simple, your PB is simply determined as the end time on your splits. In the majority of the cases, this is correct. I don't really want to determine your PB as the lowest time in your run history, because there are a bunch of people accidentally splitting at a very low time and then not setting that time as the actual splits. But that run will still be in history. To check when you got that PB, however, I need to go through your run history and find a run with the same time as your PB. If I can't find that run, because the splits are not directly from your runs, it will cause a mismatch and I can't figure out when you actually got that PB.

This happens because of differences in naming the game or the category in Livesplit. If one runner names the game Super Mario Sunshine, but the other runner names the game SMS, the games will not show up together. I have two solutions for this. You can rename your splits to be the same as the ones you want to compare to, and then reupload. I also have a way to match the game/run, even though they do not have the same name. I have to do this manually though, so send me a message if you want this!

This is usually because you have not set the Category field in LiveSplit.

This was a bug that could occur when uploading before june 20th, which I cannot retroactively fix for everyone. If you reupload, it should fix itself.

Actually not sure yet why this happens. I enabled logging for this and will monitor it. Often, just uploading again already helps.

The system identifies you by your Twitch name. I can copy your profile, please Contact me!