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The Run Live and Automatic Uploading!

Wed Oct 26 2022, a year ago

About the new features

I launched a huge update today, which includes Automatic Uploading and a The Run Live. All this is is powered by a custom built LiveSplit Component. The component will track your live runs and display them in real time, along with your stream, on the Live Page. Furthermore, it will upload your splits after every reset. You never have to manually upload your runs again!

How does it work?

It is simple! Just follow the instructions on this page and you are done! Forever! Never upload manually again. All your stats will be tracked forever, and you will be featured on the Live page forever!

In short, you install the LiveSplit Component from GitHub. Plug the .dll file into your Components folder. Then, get the upload-key from the upload-key page and plug that into the LiveSplit Layout. Done!


First of all, your stats will always be up to date. You never have to manually upload again. This means that your viewers can always check in real time how your session has been, or view your latest runs.

The second part is The Run Live. All runs are tracked in real-time. When you are running, your current run will be displayed on your profile, your run detail page, but most importantly: on the Live Page!

The live page was inspired by SRL and shows every runner who currently is running. The little panels on the bottom of the page each denote one runner. It shows their timer, what they are running and how far ahead/behind they are. The panels are sorted by which runs are doing well and are far into the run. It is basically a pacepal tool! You can search for a game or player through the search bar.

When you click a panel, you can see more details about the current runner. On the left, you see their splits, just like you see in LiveSplit itself. In the middle, you see their stream. On the right, you can see various data about their runs, their splits, and about the current run.

In the future

While this tool is already very useful for watching speedruns and keeping track of stats, there is still A LOT more to do! In the coming weeks, I will improve the live page to show a lot more data, the ability to select what you want to compare to (not just PB), and to be able to favorite games or runners, so that you will only see the runners that interest you.

Moreover, this tool has huge potential to build more cool stuff. Think Discord bots that show new Personal Bests. Think a Twitter Bot that tweets out when a runner is on pace to get a WR. Think creating clips automatically in real time for Personal Bests or for Gold Splits. The options are endless!

I hope you will enjoy the new features. If you want something added, changed, or want to let me know that you like (or do not like) something, do not hesitate to contact me on our Discord!

A lot more cool stuff is coming for The Run, including tools for marathons, community leaderboards, and much more.


I would like to thank everyone who helped me building this new project, like Mini for creating a first skeleton of the LiveSplit Component, and CryZe and the rest of the LiveSplit team for creating LiveSplit and supporting me along the way!